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That’s How I Remember It

4 Toronto improv-comedians take YOUR favourite movie and re-tell the
story to the best of their memories. Their memories are terrible. 

May 2, 2019

Remember that light-hearted romp about diabetes, Steel Magnolia? Neither do we. But we muddle our way through it. I love you. Have a nice evening.

Apr 2, 2019

We're back with super special guest Lisa Gilroy! Remember that movie where the talking mouse works in a restaraunt? That's right! It's Stuart Little! Give it a listen!

Mar 13, 2019

Listen to the dumb fun version of National Treasure. Featuring all your favourite parts of the movie ;Steampunk Lincoln, the pyramids, Times Square. Special bonus: Way to much talk of Nicolas Cage's weird hair! 

Feb 24, 2019

It's the second episode of the second season! We're back with a fun one! Check out our version of the Robert Downey Jr classic Sherlock Holmes!

This one gets silly! Just the way YOU like it!

Jan 6, 2019

New Year, New Us!

It's the season 2 premier of "That's How I Remember It". With all new cast members Clare McConnel and Leanne Miller joining us for the first time!

Thanks for your patience, and strap in for an all new season. We're kicking off the season with a listener request. One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest!